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July 31, 2015 at 10:32 am

YakubHanged: 10 Important Facts You Must Know About Yakub Memon

Yakub Memon’s life came to an end today morning at 7 AM after the Supreme Court held an unprecedented meeting to hear his review petition that went on until the wee hours of the morning. Various opinions and sentiments are being displayed on news channels and social media regarding his hanging. Here are 10 facts about his life and subsequent conviction that you must know about Yakub to understand all the news surrounding his life and death.

1. Yakub Memon was born in Mumbai on July 30, 1962. He attended an English High school and cracked the competitive CA examinations and was felicitated by his community as Best Chartered Accountant of The Year. He also founded a meat exporting company called Tejrath International that supplied meat products to Persian Gulf and Middle East.

Important Facts You Must Know About Yakub Memon

2. During the 1993 bomb blasts in Bombay, Yakub is said to have financed brother Tiger Memon and Dawood Ibrahim’s finances for executing the bombings. He is also said to have arranged finances for the entire bomb blasts as well as arranging air tickets and arms and ammunition training for 15 youth sent to Pakistan.


3. There is controversy surrounding his arrest. While Indian authorities claim they arrested him from New Delhi railway station, Yakub has maintained that he surrendered to the police in Nepal who then brought him to New Delhi before formally arresting him.

Important Facts You Must Know About Yakub Memon

4. He was first sentenced by a TADA court in 2007 that awarded him the death penalty for criminal conspiracy. As soon as the death sentence was pronounced, the then 45-year-old Yakub shouted, “Oh my Lord! Forgive this man [Judge P. D. Kode], he knows not what he does,” and stormed out of the courtroom. The Supreme Court upheld the judgement in 2013 and called him the ‘mastermind’ and ‘driving force’ behind the bomb blasts.


5. Two of his brothers Essa and Yusuf and one sister-in-law Rubeena Memon have been given life sentences by the TADA court.

Important Facts You Must Know About Yakub Memon

6. Of the six Memon brothers, Tiger and Ayub along with their wives are still absconding. Suleiman, Yakub, Yusuf and Essa returned to India with their parents from abroad and were arrested on August 25, 1994. They have been in jail since then. Suleiman and Yakub’s wife Raheen were acquitted by the court. Their father, Abdul Razzak Memon, passed away during the trial.


7. Since his prison sentence began in 1994, Yakub acquired two masters degrees from Indira Gandhi National Open University. His first masters degree was in English literature in 2013 and another in political science in 2014.

Important Facts You Must Know About Yakub Memon


8. Yakub was hanged on his 53rd birthday today after the Supreme Court had an unprecedented late night meeting to decide his fate. A rope supplied by Bihar’s Buxar Central Jail was used to hang Yakub.


9. Yakub’s last wish was to meet his daughter before his hanging. Other family members also arrived in Nagpur where he was hanged today morning at 7 AM.

Important Facts You Must Know About Yakub Memon

10.   Brother Suleiman submitted an application to jail authorities to claim Yakub’s body for his final rites. The request was granted along with a strict set of conditions. The family has flown to Mumbai where Yakub will be buried.


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