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January 19, 2015 at 12:12 pm

What Your Favourite Indian Street Food Says About You

Are you spicy or savoury? Khatta with a hint of meetha, or overloaded with syrup? Do you require cooking before eating, or are you a mix and match of raw ingredients? Choose your poison — and see what it says about you.

Panipuri or Gol Gappa or Chaat


The mix and match of this eclectic chaat, found all across the country, but native to Mumbai, appeals to your casual side. You love combining various pieces of your wardrobe together to create a finished look: mum’s scarf, old vest, new jeans and tank top. You are comfortable wherever you go, and enjoy travelling, and adapting to new cultures.

Gol gappa/Paani Puri/Puchka

No matter what it’s called, you can’t get enough of these hollow dough balls and the tangy water that goes with it. You like pretending to be vague, or flakier than you are, just to get ahead, and then wowing people with how much you actually learned. You’re a water baby, and most comfortable near the sea, but if that’s not available, you’ll settle for a long bath.

Channa Kulcha

You like your meals cooked and swift and easy, and what could be easier than the leaf plate full of chickpeas, with soft white bread to mop it up with? You’re the mum of your group of friends, and insist on feeding everyone when they come over. You normally dress quite plain, but have been known to rock the odd statement necklace at special occasions.


The sound of water sizzling on a hot griddle, the smell of spicy sambhar and the give of a crispy dosa under your fingertips are your favourite things. You’re not low maintenance, and never go anywhere without your tote, full to the brim with things you’ll need through the day. And you always have a wet wipe, a painkiller or a bottle of perfume with you, if anyone needs one. You’re happiest when you’re in a relationship, but you’re perfectly capable of being on your own.

Kebab roll

Of course, it has to be meat, and it’s usually a mutton seekh, picked up at a late night joint where you’ve been so often that they know your name. You’re a take-no-prisoners girl, and would be a little scary if you weren’t so charming. Some people might object to your bold ways, and unfussy dressing, but those who know you think you’re the best person to call on a dull evening out to make it lively.

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