October 25, 2012 at 4:53 pm

What Obama and Romney Voters Like – Infographic!

This infographic published by StumbleUpon, this infographic all about the elections and like of voters of both sides. The presidential election debates ended this week and most Americans have made up their minds about their pick for the next president. While many very important issues were discussed this year, you may be tired of the partisan debates that break out at the bar or over your kitchen table. How about some refreshing questions, like “Britney or Gaga?” or “Tequila or Beer?”

The election is getting heated as the two candidates communicate their differences and unique strengths. Stumble Upon looked at the interests of over 25 million StumbleUpon users who rated either pro-Obama or pro-Romney content highly and found some interesting comparisons. The  infographic is all about the politics. Read about how they did it and what they found in the graphic below.

According to this infographic:

  • In action movies Obama voters like Dark knight and Romney voters like Hancock.
  • In Alcoholic Beverage Obama voters like Tequila and Romney voters like Beer.
  • In Alternative energy Obama voters like solar and Romney voters like Nuclear.

Like these upper points, there are more points. To know about those take a brief look at infographic.

via : Stumble Upon