December 24, 2012 at 2:35 pm

Thousands of Matchsticks Sculptures By Ryan and Trevor Oakes!

This is the creation of Ryan and Trevor Oakes, they are twin brothers and always trying to build something new. They made these sculptures by gluing layer upon layer together in symmetrical forms. The red tips of the matches all face the same direction and form the surface of each piece.


The Oakes brothers are interested in vision and light, about perceptions of reality and what it’s like to see. Building these sculptures were the first step in their understanding towards these concepts.


Trevor says, “Building that sculpture was the first time we started to think about other entities in nature that shared that spatial structure, the structure of a bunch of rays perpendicular to a sphere… It was building that structure that really got us to wrap our minds around the science involved, and to start considering the physics of it more specifically.”


via: the jealous curator