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September 3, 2015 at 10:31 am

This 25-question hygiene challenge every Indian will fail!

Hygiene is not about obsessive compulsive cleaning. If you think you are a certified hygiene nut and have the most sanitary living habits, we challenge you to take this test. Answer yes or no truthfully because no one is watching!

  1. Do you discard your undergarments, also known as underwear, inner wear and bras and panties, every six months?
  2. Do you ditch your towels every year (yup even those guest towels?)
  3. Have you recently eaten something after just sanitizing your hands without washing?
  4. Do you clean the mouths of water bottles and sippers every day? With a cleaning brush?
  5. Do you keep your toothbrushes over six feet away from the toilet or close the toilet while flushing or keep the brushes in a cabinet?
  6. Do you wear your outside shoes inside the house?
  7. Do you wash your hands and feet when you reach home?
  8. Do you change your clothes after you reach home from going to work/college/or anywhere else?
  9. Do you eat leftovers from your kid’s plate or take a bite from someone else’s chocolate, burger, sandwich or a sip of their juice?
  10. Have you ever picked food off the floor and eaten it?
  11. Do you use gloves at home while cleaning?
  12. Do you wash your private parts before sex?
  13. Do you pee in a public loo without using toilet paper or seat cover?
  14. Are you guilty of touching your runny nose, covering your mouth with your hands when you cough and not sanitising before touching anything else?
  15. Do you eat street food or dine alfresco despite the fact that there are flies around?
  16. Have you ever borrowed lipstick/liner/or any other cosmetic?
  17. Do you go for routine tests and physical exams at least once a year including dental exams?
  18. Have you had unprotected sex when you are not trying to get pregnant without getting checked or knowing whether your partner is safe?
  19. Do you wash your body thoroughly including your private parts with soap and water?
  20. Do you check the instruments used in salons and parlours to make sure they are sterilised?
  21. Do you touch food or anything else after touching your pets and before washing your hands?
  22. Have you ever had water that is not marked safe for drinking?
  23. Do you often clean areas that are hard to reach or ignored – above the fridge, under the shoe rack, behind the bed, taps in the bathroom any other area in your home that has not been cleaned in over a week?
  24. Do you have icky goop under your nails from time to time?
  25. Do you ever hold your pee in for too long? Too bad that causes bacteria build up!

If you answered Yes or No appropriately to more than 20 questions, congratulations you are a freak! If you are among the rest of the 99 percent who are guilty of not being hygienic enough, then clean up your act NOW!


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