November 30, 2012 at 3:24 pm

Small Mirrored House BY Ekkehard Altenburger!

This mirrored house made by Ekkehard Alteburger, he finds great inspiration in architecture and the environment. He uses heavy materials like steel and stone in his pieces and says he “seeks to explore and encapsulate the physical balance of the built environment as well as the sculptural volumes of these physical materials.”

This piece, Mirror House, was a temporary installation on the Isle of Tyree in Scotland. The mirror and steel structure stood 5 x 5 x 6.5 feet and captured stunning reflections of the surrounding landscape in its surface. As a result of his selected materials, Altenburger created a blurred line between the constructed building and the natural environment in which it was set.

The site-specific installation created unclear boundaries between where the landscape ended and the artist’s piece began, leaving viewers with a visually stunning uncertainty between reality and intervention.

via : Pulmonaire