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December 8, 2014 at 10:04 am

Rishta Calling : What to Do When You Get a Rishta for Shaadi

When you hit 23, the good times start! From hereon, you’re a walking, talking bride-to-be, and everyone – from your close family members to your neighbour’s aunt’s daughter whom you’ve never met – gets involved in the process. Words like “fair”, “pretty”, “rich”, “educated hain na – MBA?” and “good family” get thrown around, and suddenly it’s like you’re in a K serial. There are, after all, two things that Indians love the most: 1) weddings; and 2) playing a hand in making that wedding happen!

So, what do you do when you get that rishta? Well, ladies, here is your survival guide to getting a rishta and emerging sane.

1. When the Rishta comes

If you’re interested, smile shyly – ‘cos Indian girls don’t speak, they convey their feelings through their eyes. If you aren’t interested, roll your eyes and launch into a tirade on how you need more time to live your life.

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2. If you say yes…

Facebook STALK! Or ask your gang of girls to stalk. Dig up all the dirt, we say. If you said no, still go and stalk. Information is power, you know.

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3. The parents meet

The parents meet, and everyone is on their best behaviour. You both keep sneaking peeks at each other. And this is the moment your mother tries to pass off Chandu Halwai’s sweets as your creation. Forget the fact that you and your mother just had a massive fight and she called you USELESS. She’s now singing your praises like a nightingale, while the boy’s mother is busy singing his praises.

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4. When the two of you meet

Go to a coffee shop sans poora pariwar. Refrain from asking him at the first meeting about his ex-girlfriends, one-night stands and when he lost his virginity. If you don’t want this to work out, however, and have been steamrolled into this date, then do exactly this and make him crazy uncomfortable.

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5. Discuss it with your friends

Stay up till 5 a.m. after that meeting to discuss even his eye movements. What he said, what he didn’t say, what he should have said. Turn a 1-hour meeting into a 5-hour discussion with your friends – because, ladies, if you’re thinking about this rishta seriously, you gotta get some objective insight from the people who know you best.

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6. When your parents, friends, extended family and the family of the extended family start enquiring…

Shrug them off and tell them to mind their own business and be known as the “bigdi hui beti”. Or tell them what’s happening and watch them snicker and shake their heads.

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7. When y’all meet for the second time

Everyone is now talking about the honeymoon, and even the number of babies you’re going to have and their names have been decided. Even though you and the boy are still saying “Wassup?” on Whatsapp and talking about the weather.

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8. The third time is pretty much the final time

By the third meeting, if there is no definite NO! then it’s taken for granted that the two of you are getting hitched and congrats to you. Unless you run away or take a firm stand, you’re taking those saat pheras in the heaviest lehenga you’ve ever seen. Good luck!

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