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November 27, 2014 at 10:21 am

Remembering 26/11 Terror Attacks

They all had families. They all had dreams. They gave it up. Willingly, for us. They faced the terrorists without bullet proof vests or even a helmet. As years pass by, let us not forget the immense bravery of these men.
Take the case of Asst. Sub Inspector Tukaram Omble. He jumped upon Ajmal Qasab, the only terrorist in the attack to be caught alive – without any protective gear. He held on to Qasab’s automatic rifle, pointing it at himself, so others would not be shot. This enabled other officers to arrest Qasab. Shri. Omble died from the many shots he took to his body.

We hold in memory, our BRAVEHEARTS:

Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan
Joint Commissioner Hemant Karkare
Addl. Commissioner Ashok Kamte
Inspector Vijay Salaskar
Inspector Shashank Shinde
Sub Inspector Bapusaheb Durugade
Sub Inspector Prakash More
Asst. Sub Inspector Tukaram Omble
Asst. Sub Inspector Balasaheb Bhosale
Head Constable M C Chowdhury
Constable Arun Chitte
Constable Ambadas Pawar
Constable Jaywant Patil
Constable Yogesh Patil
Constable Vijay Khandekar
Constable Rahul Shinde
Constable Mukesh Jadhav


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