January 16, 2013 at 12:31 pm

Photographer Captures Fluffy Clouds in Glass Boxes – Amazing!!

Fluffy cloud 1

These fluffy clouds in glass boxes captured by French photographer and visual artist Laurent Millet , he took the clouds right out of the sky and put them on display in glass boxes—or so it appears and the series entitled Nuées (Clouds). Using perspective and a creative mind, the artist photographed his own hand, holding up three dimensional glass boxes that appear to contain the fluffy white puffs.

Fluffy cloud 2

According to his bio, “Millet is interested in phenomenological doubt, exploring the playful ambiguity that results when three-dimensional installations are translated into two-dimensional images.”

Fluffy cloud 3

That concept is certainly in line with these conceptual photographs in which the artist blurs the boundaries between the tangible print and the intangible wisps of water particles that cannot actually be grasped with two hands.

Fluffy cloud 4

In Nuées (Clouds), Millet captures the uncatchable and transforms them into beautiful and imaginative landscapes. When speaking about the project, and in particular, the clouds, Millet says, “The images travel into the darkness of the water, open up the surface in a stroke of anger, scatter in the air, and finally arrange their drops according to the wishes of the one who is able to watch them.”

Fluffy cloud 5

via : Slow Show