November 28, 2012 at 2:23 pm

Knitted Converse Sneakers With Mario, Tardis and Other Geekies!

These Converse sneaker designs were created by Etsy user PrettySneaky (Katie). Katie learned how to knit from her grandmother, and she uses that skill to give these new Converse sneakers a retro look.

The way she knits each one of these shoes makes them look pixelated, which only adds to their appeal. She has a ton of them in her store, and I’ve just chosen a few of them to share with you here.

They are about $130 a pair, which I think is a fair price considering the amount of time it must take her to knit each shoe. She also takes custom orders, so you can get whatever character you fancy on your shoes.

Via : Fashionably Geek