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January 13, 2015 at 11:02 am

How To Choose Denims For Your Body Type

Are you having trouble finding a pair of jeans that both fits well and makes you look hot? Whatever your body type may be, there’s a perfect pair for you. Here are the best jeans to flatter your shape, whether you’re curvy, pear-shaped, apple-shaped or have legs that are the envy of everyone!

1. Pear Shape

LeeProblem: Jeans that are snug at the hips but loose at the waist

Avoid: Pockets that are spaced far apart as they’ll make your hips look broader

Get: Opt for a contoured cut that’s higher at the back as it’ll fit well at the waist. You could keep your eyes out for something that has a wider leg – to balance out your curvy hips. Also, self-coloured stitching will add to a leaner look.

Our Pick: Lee Mid Rise Straight Leg Blue Jeans

2. Flat butt



Problem: Jeans do nothing for your booty

Avoid: High-waist or baggy jeans

Get: Jeans with strategically placed pockets — they should sit a little higher than normal – to make your rear seem rounder. Look for pockets that have embroidery or a double row of stitches. Those with bigger back pockets and detailing will accentuate your rear and add “oomph”.

Our Pick: Pepe Jeans Red Printed Skinny Fit Jeggings

3. Large hips


Problem: Flashing cheek cleavage by wearing low-slung jeans to fit your hips

Avoid: Faded or light-coloured jeans

Get: Straight cuts will do you a world of good as they will narrow your hips and create an illusion of proportion. A slightly higher waist will also prevent you from baring your butt every time you bend. Wearing dark-coloured jeans will do you good too – it’ll minimize the appearance of width, especially when worn with a light-coloured top.

Our Pick: Levi’s Dual Zipper Slim Denims

4. Big thighs


Problem: Legs look too thick

Avoid: Really snug fits that crease at the crotch

Buy: Go for dark, deep colours and stretchy jeans for a slimmer look. They also help tuck away any unsightly bulges. And when you buy dark jeans, look for a classic finish without too many bells and whistles as they can draw attention to your thighs.

Our Pick: Gas Super Stretch Denim Jeans

5. No curves


Problems: A straight body with not enough curves

Avoid: Pockets that are too close together at the back

Get: Any kind can suit you from skinny to wide legs but pick ones with detailing around the hips and bottom to add dimension. Since the emphasis is on creating curves, a slightly higher waist and a slim fit can highlight even the smallest curves. Also hunt for ones with bigger back pockets and embroidered detailing to enhance your pert rear.

Our Pick: ONLY Slim Fit Ripped Denims

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