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December 27, 2012 at 5:07 pm

Gorgeous Butterfly Wings Made in the Form Thick Paint Strokes!

British contemporary artist Victoria Horkan‘s colorful Butterflies paintings are gorgeous bursts of color that streak across the canvas. Artist describes as “raw, organic color palettes depicting elements of movement.” Much of Horkan’s work focuses on the simplicity of form presented in a contemporary style, a style in which she layers thick plaster together with undiluted oil paints in order to obtain interesting, textured surfaces.



In Butterflies, Horkan blends stunning colors together into organized strokes that reflect the repetitive fluttering of each animal’s wings. In a world where it’s often easy to overlook the small intricacies of nature, Horkan’s work draws attention to those very delicate details and gives glorious magnitude to otherwise fragile creatures.



via : My Darkened Eyes