July 24, 2012 at 12:29 pm

Geeky Characters on Stained Glass Windows!

If you are a fan of geek then it’s for you. You can decorate your windows or house with this concept. It’s the best way to tell the world that you are lover of geek.

It’s a simple way to make your home more beautiful and it’s a very easy to make. you can paint a popular characters on stained glass like  Super Mario, Wonder Woman, Plants and Zombies.

These stained glasses painted by Judith. she became these glasses after the death of her husband and used creativity as a way to handle her grief. As her son is a video game enthusiast, it was only natural for her to create art work that represented geek culture.

Judith is one of the most talented stained glass artists that we have ever come across and she will surely achieve a lot of success in her life.

via : Forever geek