September 20, 2012 at 5:03 pm

Forward? Fundamentals of the 2012 Election – Infographic!

This infographic published by Resurgent Republic and this infographic all says about the economy under Obama. From 2009, according to people vote 54% America is not moving forward and 39% is moving, rest 7% remains same.

Compared to January 2009, when president Obama took office the life in America is worse and not better. If 2012 is a referendum on the incumbent, as almost all reelection campaigns are, President Obama remains in deep trouble.

Under Obama 68% economy is in a recession and 26% is not in a recession according to public votes. 50% of economic issues, 23% of fiscal issues, 12% of social issues and 5% of national security issues are most likely to affect your vote for president and congress this year.

The conclusion of this infographic is 41% public says that Obama’s economy is working and 56% says Obama’s economy is not working.

For brief information take a brief look to infographic:

via : visual.ly