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February 19, 2015 at 10:25 am

Ford Uses the Mustang GT And a Woman Stunt Driver To Prank Blind Dates

Ford Uses the Mustang GT And a Woman Stunt Driver To Prank Blind DatesHow do you market and car and show people that it is really capable? Well take it to the people and show them what it can do and Ford has taken it that literally. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, Ford decided, that a ‘Speed Date’ with the new Mustang was in order.

Well, the premise was simple, and as you can see in the video they took a bunch of unsuspecting guys and set them up on a blind date at a coffee shop with a beautiful blonde. When the girl asks if they want to leave, the men jump in the passenger seat of her 2015 Mustang GT, which is rigged with cameras.

Of course at first she doesn’t shift on time and the passengers are wondering if she can actually drive the car. One even asks her if he could show what the car is capable of. But well, moments later they find out that the girl is a professional stunt driver and she throws the Mustang around in a deserted parking lot.

Obviously the clueless guys in the passenger seat are stoked and cannot believe what’s happening to them. Finally, the girl reveals her identity. Moral of the story: Be nice to women drivers; they might just turn out to be stunt drivers.