February 15, 2013 at 5:02 pm

DSLR Paparazzi Wooden Hanging Lamp Looks Like Giant Camera Lens!

Wooden Hanging Lamp 5

It’s a handmade, wooden, eco-friendly, hanging lamp inspired by the one and only DSLR camera lens. If you had this huge DSLR lamp hanging in your home, everyone would definitely know you love your camera.

Wooden Hanging Lamp 1

It has a lens hood that you can put on or leave off, and you can adjust how much light enters the room by either putting the lens hood on as a shade, mounting it backwards, or leaving it off altogether.

Wooden Hanging Lamp 2

This DSLR Wooden Hanging lamp was handcrafted by Sandra Diaz and is available in her MonoculoShop Etsy shop. There is only one available at the time I’m writing this, and it sells for about $687.

Wooden Hanging Lamp 4

According to Etsy, “The lamp is made of white cedar wood and has a water-based varnish and beeswax finishon it. It is 100% eco-friendly. It has a ceiling frame with a stainless steel cable and a red wrapped power cord.” It’s called the “DSLR Paparazzi” lamp.

Wooden Hanging Lamp 3

Via : PetaPixel