June 29, 2012 at 12:40 pm

DIY Killee Comic Book Heels!

This article was originally posted on My Polite Indignation Knows No Bounds and she told overall about this article there. It tooks 8 hours per shoes to made it. and she writes there “I’m a perfectionist and I have big feet.” This is not her idea she took the idea from this video.

As you can see she started with a pair of plain blue heels then she cut up comic strips into little jagged pieces and used a ton of Mod Podge and ended up with a comic strip masterpiece. She offers some very valuable advice about which part of the shoe to tackle first, etc.

if you aren’t a huge comic book fan, you could use this process to create whatever kind of shoes you’d like. so go out with whatever you like!

via : So Geek Chic