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April 28, 2015 at 9:49 am

Ditch the Big Fat Indian Wedding. Go to Court.

When it comes to weddings, every Indian’s default setting is ‘big and fat.’ Don’t blame yourself, it’s also been fed into our system by the Barjatyas and Chopras of the world. A party every day for a week, diamonds glittering on every neck and ear, wedding couture being showcased on voluntary brand marketers. That’s a big, fat Indian wedding (BFIW) for you.

Now, you might find it weird that there are some people who don’t want the entire paraphernalia when they get married. No, really, they do exist. And here’s why you should take a tip or two from them.

There is so much more that you can do with the time, money, and energy.

Travel the world.

No matter what you do, you will end up spending half of a lifetime’s savings on your wedding. And this is a very conservative figure. Imagine the number of countries you can see, and the many weeks you can spend travelling with that money. There’s no denying that a wedding is full of lifelong memories, but consider the possibility of making several more in the course of your marriage. A marriage is much more valuable than a wedding.

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Set up a beautiful home.

If you’re not much of a traveller, how about setting up a beautiful home with the money allocated for your wedding? You can furnish your new home with the stuff of dreams in that kind of money.

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Avoid the embarrassing relatives.

All of us have a few embarrassing relatives who everyone likes to avoid. The ones who see a dance floor, and decide they must own it. Where there’s music and alcohol, there’s a way to mass humiliation. Get married in court, avoid being scarred for life at your own wedding.


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Eliminate possibilities that could ruin your wedding.

If you marry in court, there will be no caterer to screw up the food choices and charge you a bomb anyway, no decorator to do the exact opposite of what you want and never admit it, no lehenga designer to ruin the most expensive outfit you’ll ever wear.

Even if these catastrophes don’t happen, you will think about it every minute of every day. In court, however, no such drama.


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Skip the mad hunt for venues.

The first thing everyone will tell you when you announce your engagement is to book the wedding venue sooner than possible, and they’re right. Wedding season in a big city is a lot of brides, grooms and their families fighting for the best venues. Only God can help if you get involved in a double booking. Bridezillas and Groomenators are everywhere.

If you sign papers in court, there’s only one venue. No stress, no mess.


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Retain sensation in your limbs.

A big, fat Indian wedding is incomplete without a glittering bride loaded like she’s smuggling jewels. You can probably see her from space. Ok, maybe not. But a BFIW bride goes through a tremendous workout which lasts hours and days, and then loses all feeling in her arms and legs with the weight of the jewellery and the clothes on her.

At a court wedding, you can wear whatever you want. Jewels or no jewels, who cares?


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You don’t care about the regular rituals. Why do them?

If you’ve never cared about the customs and traditions of a conventional wedding, why bother with them? You will get stuck with them if you follow the usual route of an Indian wedding. In all the hustle and bustle, you’ll unknowingly skip a ritual or two, and suddenly, that’s all everyone is talking about. Do you know how you can avoid that? Yes, you guessed it. Court!


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Don’t lose sight of the people who matter.

A bride at a BFIW seems to be surrounded by family all the time. But in reality, the family is way too busy, the closest friends are too involved in organisation, and the bride is surrounded by people who only came to get drunk and party. Nothing hurts more than not having your family around when all you need to get through it all is to see their faces. Believe me. If you get married at the court, only your family and closest friends will be with you. At such an important moment in your life, these are the only people who matter.


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Smile only when you want.

No big wedding, no stage, no photographers, no smiling for hours on end like a monkey on crack. At a BFIW, your jaw will hurt, you will lose all sensation around your mouth, but you can’t stop. No way. You MUST smile. By the last day of the wedding, you’re smiling at strangers on the road. At the court, however, you will smile only because you want to. Not because an uncle you don’t know gave you INR 1100.


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 You can still party!

A wedding in court doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the dancing and celebration. Host a shindig later, invite friends only, get drunk and party the night away.

 At the end of the day, to each his own. But remember, a marriage is more than just a day of playing dress up – so, do whatever feels right for you and your partner.