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May 27, 2015 at 10:38 am

Choose The Best Conditioner As Per Hair Type From IMBB

It is essential to know why you are picking up a conditioner and what exactly is your hair problem. Never use conditioners just because they comes free with shampoo bottles or your favorite celebrity is endorsing it. You need to be very clear about your hair type and its conditions before picking up a conditioner for your hair. Today, let’s take a deeper look at conditioner science.

You need to know a little about hair conditioners because, believe it or not, there are different types of conditioners made for various hair problems. Before selecting a suitable conditioner, you must know your hair type and for what purpose you are opting the conditioner for. Most of the hair experts suggest that when you are picking a shampoo, it should be according to your scalp and when it comes to hair conditioner, you should think of your hair. So, here are some basic, but very essential rules to pick up the conditioners!

Leave-In Conditioners

How to Choose The Best Conditioner As Per Hair Type6

Leave-in conditioners are light in texture and don’t let hair weigh down. Leave-in conditioners are made of lightweight silicone and thus, the texture of these conditioner seems to be lighter than other types of conditioners. But, even though they appear and feel light, excess of even these could lead to limp looking hair.

Ideal For:
• Rough hair
• Fine hair
• Hair that’s exposed to heat a lot
• Hair that gets tangled easily
• Frizzy hair

Rinse Out Conditioners

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Isn’t this the most common type of conditioner available in the market? These conditioners need to be used in conjunction with the shampoo from the same range. Rinse out conditioners are made up of fatty alcohols and high molecular weight silicones and thus, should be rinsed out properly after application.

According to some hair experts, proper rinsing out of conditioners make your hair more manageable than not rising well. Also, your hair looks smoother and shinier. If you have fine hair, make sure you apply conditioner only on the bottom third of your hair. Otherwise, your hair will get weighed down and scalp will become greasy.

Ideal For:
• Thick hair
• Normal hair

Protein Added/Infused Conditioners

How to Choose The Best Conditioner As Per Hair Type1

Ideal For:
• Oily scalp
• Dry hair
• Frizzy hair
• Undernourished hair

Ladies with such hair should use a shampoo that controls any excess oil secretion and a conditioner with added proteins because protein prevents oil formation and nurtures hair from deep inside. With every shampoo process, we tend to lose some amount of protein from our hair. So, it is important to give hair their food – that is, protein.

Hydrating Conditioners

Ideal For:
• Damaged hair
• Dull hair
• Hair with brittle ends
• Dry hair
• Hair that’s exposed to heat regularly

Hydrating conditioners will help you to rejuvenate your hair from hair follicle and to lock the moisture in. With time and due to rough weather conditions, the texture of hair gets altered and that is where such conditioners need to be used.

Moisturizing Conditioners

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Ideal For:
• Curly hair
• Hair that gets tangled easily
• Hair with dry and rough ends

These conditioners are specially formulated for curly hair. They not only help to keep curls well managed, but also help to retain their shape and keep frizz and dryness under check. Dry and splits ends, ideally need to get trimmed. But, if you have them, use these conditioners.

Strengthening/Volumizing Conditioners

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Ideal For:
• Thin/limp hair
• Fine hair
• Brittle hair
• Damaged hair

Volumizing conditioners help in strengthening the hair. This eventually help in reducing hair fall and give a fuller appearance to hair post usage. You can use these conditioners before you need to style them and can achieve perfection with any hairstyle that calls for a lot of volume in hair.

Color Care Conditioner

How to Choose The Best Conditioner As Per Hair Type

As the name suggests, these conditioners are meant for colored hair. The special ingredients present in these conditioners protect the hair from getting faded earlier and also protect color during harsh conditions such as heat, salty water etc, increasing the life of your hair color.

Girls! It is about your hair, so please don’t take it lightly. Whenever you go to buy conditioner for yourself, don’t forget to check out the ingredients and always pick the one (or two) that best suit the needs of your hair.

Image Source:1 & Content Source: IMBB