August 28, 2012 at 1:25 pm

Barbie and Ken Wedding Album Photos!

Finally Barbie and ken got married. You can see the album photos of marriage of barbie and ken. Their friends and family all got cards inviting them to attend an “End of Summer BBQ” on Barbie’s estate located 40 miles outside the city, but when security guards collected everyone’s iPhones at the front door, their guests started getting suspicious that this event was more than just a BBQ. Sure enough, by late afternoon, Barbie and Ken’s intentions were known. They were finally getting married. Below you can see their romantic wedding albumphotos.

I really felt bad when barbie got to know that ken is gay Many of us knew Ken was gay all along, and it must have been a relief for him when the truth was finally made public. Barbie stood by his side though, even during his Drag Queen Barbie days. It seems all of this has come full circle now that they have finally decided to be together forever. They look truly happy in these wedding album photos.

I am very happy to know about the marriage of barbie and ken. finally they forget all the horrible memories and get together. These fabulous Barbie and Ken wedding album photos were taken by Beatrice de Guigne. She actually takeswedding album photos in real life, and I can’t think of a more brilliant way to market herself than to create some viral content like this. It took her three days to snap them all. There are many more photos in the collection, and you can see them all by going to Barbie and Ken’s Wedding.


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