October 30, 2012 at 4:38 pm

Awesome Embroidery Designs of Love to Inspired You – 10 Pics!

These embroidery created by Fiber Artist Iviva Olenick and she created the series of embroidered post-it notes and tweets on various scraps of fabric. She learned how to sew when she was in kindergarten. Back then; she specialized in sewing sock puppets  Today, she focuses on what’s called narrative embroidery.

She basically takes scraps of fabric and sews inspiring love notes on them which she gets from tweets, from herself, or from the people who commission her art.

It’s very cool how expressive and clever she can be in such a small space, but that’s what we say about Twitter too, right? 140 characters is plenty if they’re used right.

Iviva sometimes gets introspective and very personal in her love notes, and other times, you can tell she is laughing as she sews them.

If you go to her blog called Were I So Besotted or her Google+ page, you’ll see many more examples of her artwork.

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