January 16, 2013 at 10:50 am

Amazing Dog Sculptures Made Out of Bicycle Chains!

dog sculptures

The artist has created a series of sculptures of dogs in full-size, fully made of bicycle parts, such as chains, sprockets, pedals and bicycle seats. Israeli artist Nirit Levan Packer joins bicycle parts, which she collects from garages and bicycle stores around Tel Aviv. Checkout incredible dog sculptures made out of bicycle chains and parts.

Series entitled HOW! WoW! Started by accident when Nirit considered some discarded bicycle parts in the shop of her son, and instead consider them rubbish, she saw the potential for creative solutions with them. Within a few months, she completed a successful career in the field of design of wedding dress for creating metal sculptures.

A former wedding dress designer turned kind of junk-yard collector and artist, Israel’s Nirit Levav now  keeps in touch with all the auto and bike shops in surrounding areas by collecting parts from old bikes and making them funny, but quite recognizable images of popular dog breeds of Yorkshire terriers and poodles to Dobermans, not disdaining and shaggy mutt.








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