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September 9, 2015 at 10:24 am

7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know You Could Do On Your Mobile Browser

When you’re on the move, it’s handy to browse the internet to pass time and shorten distances. But there’s a lot more to the internet than Facebook, emails, funny gifs (and porn). There’s Wikipedia too. No but seriously, you can do a lot with your mobile browser that you previously thought could only be done with apps. Here’s a list of all the cool stuff you can do.

1. Play Browser Games

Mobile Gaming

There are hundreds of browser games out there, including retro emulators of your favourite games of yesteryear. Kingdom Rush is one such strategy game that lets you battle against enemies of your kingdom. It may seem simplistic but the rich content is enough to keep you hooked for days.

2. Keep Track Of Live Cricket Scores

Cricket Scores

It’s pretty handy to keep score when you’re travelling and have no access to a television set. UC Browser makes it easy by providing live scores so that you know when to cheer whenever team India hits another six.

3. Give Your Browser A Makeover


Try a new theme to redesign your browser. Every time you surf the internet, it feels like a cool new browser but with the same goodness inside.

4. Add Your Most Loved Sites To The Homepage


Typing out the names of your favourite sites is so last decade. Why sweat it when you can add your favourite tabs to your homepage. Try it out in your mobile browser and get quicker access to the sites you love.

5. Use Extensions To Add To Your Browsing Experience

Scan It

It’s cool to have add-ons that pretty much replace a majority of apps in the app marketplaces. From QR scanners to adblockers, there’s something for everyone.

6. Go Incognito

Secret Ninjas

When you want to go in stealth mode to avoid leaving a trace, going incognito is a great way to stay safe and keep those pesky cookies away from data thieves.

7. Night Mode

Night Mode

It’s a pain on your eyes to read in the dark while glaring at the white screen. Luckily, there’s night mode to save the day night and ease the ache. You can reduce the brightness to let your eyes adjust to the screen or invert the colours that present white text on black screens.


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