If you think heavy food makes you inactive, it’s not true. Today, I am highlighting few meals that help to make you an idle.

  1. Fried Food – it takes much time to digest which could be harmful for human body.
    Recommendation – Eat grilled sandwich or sweet corn.
  2. Caffeine – In Office, you always love to have Tea, Coffee and Soft Drink to feel energetic. But, are you aware that these products contain plenty of “Caffeine”.
    Recommendation – Take a glass of Lemonade or Coconut Water instead of coffee.
  3. Chocolate – If you are a chocolate lover then you should know that chocolate has high volume of sugar, which is not good for health.
    Recommendation – Have fruit or one or two pieces of dark chocolate.
  4. Energy Drink – It’s totally opposite to its name because, it contains Caffeine, Sugar, Alcohol and taurine in huge amount, which creates fatigue and laziness.
    Recommendation – Drink Squash or Tang.
  5. Rice – Do you like to have white rice? If yes, then do you know, it contains heavy amount of carbohydrates, which affects blood glucose level and makes you lazy.
    Recommendation – Have Brown Rice filled with antioxidant and fiber.
  6. Almonds – Everybody take almonds to boost memory, to reduce the risk of heart attack. But on other hand, are you aware that it’s Magnesium and Potassium creates laziness.
    Recommendation – To avoid Drowsiness, take some cashew instead of other nuts. Cashews are less fatty.

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