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September 1, 2015 at 10:20 am

20 Photographs That Won Awards For Capturing The Essence Of India

The most amazing part of a picture is that it captures a moment that will never come again. Most good pictures are a result of good luck, good timing and observation, and some photographers master the art to get it all right. They click pictures that represent a lot more than words can ever say.

India has been a captivating subject for photographers from all over the world. While some get it just fine, some get the raw side of India which is very new to the world.

Here are 20 such award winning photographs which tried to depict different shades of India.


1. Dentist – Debasish Bhhaduri


2. Boys running towards a waterhole-  Debashis Mukherjee


3. At the Indian village pond- Prasanta Biswas


4. Poonam- Alex Masi


5. Poor god- Arup Ghosh


6.  Trains- Steve McCurry



7. Colourful India- Bisheswar Chaudhary


8. Photograph by Bibek Smaran Paul 


9. Photograph by Santu Mondal



10. Captured enthusiasm and love for cricket on Marina Beach, Chennai- S L Shanthkumar


11. Captured a massive fire in Mumbai- Mandar Deodhar


12. Pious Steps- Amitava Chandra


13. Black Kaali- Elangovan Subramaniam


14. A girl collecting rainwater in West Bengal- Prasanta Biswas


15. Divine Makeover- Mahesh Balasubramanian


16. Pilgrims and devotees cross pontoon bridges at the Maha Kumbh Mela- Wolfgang Weinhardt


17. Holi – Ioulia Chvetsova


18. The Morning Ritual- Nick Ng


19. Life in Colour- Anurag Kumar


20. Patrons of a traveling cinema watch a film at a night screening- Amit Madheshiya


So many shades of Incredible India!


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