June 21, 2012 at 4:58 pm

15 Awesome Advertising about Bathrooms!

These fifteen examples are wonderful, often we forget to do such things but with these advertising we always remember those things. Take a look on the advertising pics:

Roxy Pool “Practice Your Shot” Ad

Mini Cooper’s Test Your Handling Skills

Score a Goal With Your Pee

The Girls Will Do Anything To Get To Me

Blockbuster’s Streaming Service Ad

Skiing While You’re Doing Your Business

Guitar Pee Lets You Make MPee3′s

Creative Skin Ad On Dryer

This Is Why I Never Wash My Hands

Try On Necklaces In The Bathroom

Skiing While You’re Doing Your Business

Giant Mirrored Sunglasses

Ad That Vilifies Paper Towels

Mothers Against Drunk Driving Advertisement

New Behind-Mirror Ad Technique

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via : wal you