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February 9, 2015 at 10:22 am

11 Reactions You Hear After You Get A Tattoo

To get inked, or not to get inked – if you are still grappling with this question, this post may not prove mighty helpful. But if you are interested to know what people are asked, or told after getting inked, read on. Here are 11 tattoo reactions people get.

1. Did it hurt?

No, it was as relaxing as a hot oil massage. Needle. Skin. Punctures. Of course it hurt. But that’s part of the experience. Cautionary note for the unwarranted: Tattoos hurt. No pain, no ink.

tattoo reactions

2. Why did you get it done?

Erm, because I wanted to.

3. Were you scared?

If I say no, it would be an outright lie. But I was scared many other times too – like when I got my piercings. There was nothing exceptional about being scared this time.

4. What does it mean?

Not all tattoos need to have an inspirational, or a sad, or a happy story behind them. They don’t necessarily have to stand for something meaningful always. Most people choose designs that they fancy and think will look good on them.

tattoo reactions

5. What did your other friends/ family members say?

Well, frankly, they are not the ones who got it done. As long as it makes me happy, I am good!

6. Ah, so you like making statements!

Yes, I do. But did I need to get inked to make that clear? One does not have identify with anything if one wishes to get inked – no, people who are not goths, punks, emos, rockers, or metalheads also get inked.

tattoo reactions

7. But what about when you get old?

Nothing out of the ordinary, I guess. I will probably make some money, travel the world, and die a content old person. Oh, you meant what will happen to my tattoo? It will still be there.

8. You know, I won’t be able to get one myself ever!

Good for you – whoever asked you in the first place?

tattoo reactions

9. You must have spent a lot of money on it.

Yes I did, just like you did on your iPhone 6, which will become obsolete next year.

10. Are you sure you won’t be judged at work?

I don’t work where people judge you for your tattoos. (Aside: If workplace dress codes do have such a mandate, one can always get it done somewhere where it can’t be seen – rocket science?)

tattoo reactions

11. You know tattoos cause skin cancer, right?

If I ever contract skin cancer, I think it would be more likely because of global warming.

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